Our Fleet

We offer a complete variety of vehicles for you to choose from

Black Car Transportation

At Black Car, we pay attention to details, treating every client differently, according to their needs and requirements and the type of service they require. We strive for quality and comfort; our vehicles provide all the high-end features and are periodically inspected – you can rest assured that we value your safety. Thus, we offer a complete variety of vehicles for you to choose from. Selecting the equipment that best meets your needs for the occasion is one of our priorities.

Executive Sedan

Perfect for roadshows and corporate transportation – and going to stretch limousines and corporate vans – when you require more seats. Our vehicles offer additional rear-seat legroom and passenger access to audio and climate controls mounted in the rear center armrest and improved safety features. Our sedans are best used for corporate transportation, executive charters, roadshows, airport transfers, or any other occasion where you will require transportation for a maximum of 3 passengers.

Large SUVs

The full-size SUV is a great option because of its perfectly balanced offer of utility and luxury. No matter the weather, this car will take you anywhere you need to be when you need to be there. Whether you require it for corporate and executive transportation, airport transfers, city traffic, or point-to-point, you will be satisfied with our services.
– 6 passenger seats
– Comfortable sitting and leg-room
– Multiple cup holders and cell phone chargers
– Wide trunk (fitting 2 golf bags and 4 – 55 gallon suitcases)

Corporate Vans

When traveling in larger groups – family or team-building trips – you need the extra passenger and luggage space. The advantage of traveling in a corporate van is that you don`t get separated from the rest of the group – like if you`re traveling in more cars, everyone can enjoy the trip together. Our vans are carefully selected to ensure your comfortable and safe experience with us.
– Up to 14 passengers
– Wide trunk (5 golf bags and 6 – 55 gallon suitcases)
– Remote access audio and climate controls

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