Limousine Services for You

Black Car Transportation offers a new perspective on the black car service – for the Chicago area and suburbs. We don`t give you just another car transportation, we provide you with the full experience of our services. Regardless of the nature of your business and the time you will be spending with us, we will make sure your experience will be most satisfying and that you will consider us for future businesses.

We dedicate our time and experience to ensure the journey you take with us will meet and exceed your expectations. You will not be just driven to your destination, you will benefit from chauffeured transportation – and that makes a difference. Black Car Transportation is indeed specialized in corporate business, but not only – we offer the same quality service for leisure clients. What defines our service and attitude is seriousness, discretion, reliability, VIP treatment and knowledgeable chauffeurs.

Choosing what's right for you

Selection is the thing to begin with, starting from choosing the right people to work with, and continuing with the equipment that best meet your needs for the occasion. Our choice of chauffeurs is based not only on their driving skills, but also on their social skills. Although all of our personal is discreet, we are always open and ready to interact with you, to carry a conversation or just be there with you on your trip. That is why we accentuate that we represent a chauffeured transportation service.

Our vehicles are periodically put through safety and quality inspections, so that they will always present themselves and represent our service the way a black car service should. You will find that we have a full range of vehicles, for your every need. They are all equipped with the latest navigation systems and technologies – that are updated constantly through Wi-Fi connection. We are always prepared for traffic, weather or possible route deviations.

Any Special Occasion !

Either it`s a ride downtown for a business meeting, a night in town with your friends, the trip to the church for your wedding on the most special day, or the sad journey to a funeral, we will take care of everything. We have the ability to adapt to your specific needs for certain occasions; we – of course – have our standard protocols, for each service, but we are also open to any suggestions or requirements you might have.

We can help you decide on the details – starting with what vehicle to choose, the right timing, or even adjustments to our vehicles according to your ideas – and make sure everything turns out exactly how you expected, and even more.

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